Opinions of Spare Parts

What surprised me about the difference between the movie «Spare Parts» and what really happened, was that Louis didn’t protect Cristian from bullies and he didn’t even get bullied. They only added more dramatic parts to create a more satisfactory film.

The team had to come up with several creative solutions in order to make the underwater robot because of their lack of money. This influenced their work and had to use different resources than originally intended. For example, the other teams could afford waterproof robots, while the Carl Hayden team used cheaper solutions such as tampons which absorbed water, this made the robot practically waterproof.

In Japan, robots can be used for actual useful events such as undergo tests before entering the harsh radioactive environment. This can help us know how much wreckage needs to be cleared before decontamination work can begin.

Another country where Artificial intelligence is being used as a tool is in China where AI can determine if someone may wake up from for example a coma. The AI system developed in Beijing can trace brain activity which is invisible to the human eye, In the future, this can help many doctors to determine future events for a patient, though this cannot replace doctors just yet.


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