My Reading of About A Boy

I just read the book «About a boy». The theme is about how important it is for children to have friends and parental figures. The setting this book has been placed in is about the 2000’s, and in London, England. The plot, on the other hand, is about a child who is miserable but gets more and more help and support from different people which helps him become more confident. The character development in this book is great. As you read it you will get a relationship with many of the characters, though you especially get a good relationship with Marcus and Will, since they are the main characters. In the start you kind of pitty Markus but as time passes your assumption of Markus gets more like you’re his friend rather than the pitty. I actually laughed off some of his jokes and quotes which I read later in the book. Will, on the other hand, is not an entirely other story. Will you, in the beginning, look upon as a cool and fun character. Although after some time you will start to realize he has a quite lonely and boring life which he doesn’t have to do anything, but when he meets Markus that luckily turns the table.


The quote I am representing as a kind of starting quote goes for show how far away both Will and Markus were during this part of the book. The quote is something Will says. The context this is represented in is that Markus tells Will about how he gets bullied and this is his response to the bullying:

«Some guys are just complete dumbasses. & well there’s nothing we can do about it»


The books ending quote is a really good example of how Markus has evolved into being more independent. The context just before this quote is his mother not asking, but stating that he loves singing and that loves Joni Mitchell as well. Markus replies with a very good and confident answer being:

«I don’t. not anymore. I bloody hate Joni Mitchell.»


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