Visit from the US Embassy

Today, we got a visit from the US embassy in Norway. The presenter was an American security engineer and a trained firefighter. He held a presentation about the culture of the USA. Throughout the class, he taught us about the difference between our societies. He answered many questions, many of which were quite interesting, though […]

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Alan Alexander Milne

The movie «Goodbye Christopher Robin» is a drama movie picture about the lives of Alan Alexander Milne and his family. His son, Christopher Robin, also called Billy Moon, started of with a good relationship with his father. Alan Alexander took great inspiration from the time he was with his son and decided to create a […]

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Spent – The Game

«Spent» is an educational game. Throughout the course of the game, there will appear situations. The player will have multiple choices, all of which will cause a different outcome. Say for example you’ll have the choice between either sell your dog or keep it. Then you will either earn money from the sale or lose […]

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Brexit – Facts v Fear

Explain the title Facts vs Fear The title in its entirety is quite a good description of the matter. The majority of the reason why people are voting to leave the EU is based on fear. The fear of immigrants taking their jobs and houses are making people vote otherwise than originally intended. When people […]

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Trump’s Border Wall

What is the story behind the wall? President Trump is trying to build a wall along the Mexican border, and make Mexico pay for its entirety. The origin story behind the wall is to prevent drugs and illiegal immigrants from crossing the border. Why is it so important? This is, for the most part, important […]

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Is it Brave to Suffer Alone?

First of all, you have to interpret what your definition of suffering in silence is. Meaning it could either be physical- or psychological pain. Either way, you should get help. Though there are many who look upon this as being brave, myself included. The reason so many think of this as doing something honorable is […]

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