Trump’s Border Wall

What is the story behind the wall? President Trump is trying to build a wall along the Mexican border, and make Mexico pay for its entirety. The origin story behind the wall is to prevent drugs and illiegal immigrants from crossing the border. Why is it so important? This is, for the most part, important […]

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Is it Brave to Suffer Alone?

First of all, you have to interpret what your definition of suffering in silence is. Meaning it could either be physical- or psychological pain. Either way, you should get help. Though there are many who look upon this as being brave, myself included. The reason so many think of this as doing something honorable is […]

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I choose the following pictures: 3: «Volunteering: “Working in an American soup kitchen” 5: “Campaigning/raising awareness: Leonardo DiCaprio on climate change”   I choose number 5 because it’s important to raise awareness. The humankind has for so long tried to ignore the greatest challenge of our existence on this planet. Climate change which has been […]


Dear Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio

Dear Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio. My name is Christian, I am a student from Norway. My class recently watched the film «Before the Flood» starring you. I completely agree with your statement on the matter, and it was interesting to see all the different points of view on the issue. Climate change which for so long […]

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Opinions of Spare Parts

What surprised me about the difference between the movie «Spare Parts» and what really happened, was that Louis didn’t protect Cristian from bullies and he didn’t even get bullied. They only added more dramatic parts to create a more satisfactory film. The team had to come up with several creative solutions in order to make […]

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My Reading of About A Boy

I just read the book «About a boy». The theme is about how important it is for children to have friends and parental figures. The setting this book has been placed in is about the 2000’s, and in London, England. The plot, on the other hand, is about a child who is miserable but gets […]

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A Great Studying Advice!

In order for your brain to really process what you are studying you should not only study but also have brakes every 25 minutes. In the meantime, you may do whatever you want, although when you are cramming you must shut off all devices which can distract you! This will show results especially if you […]

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The Truth About the U.S Government

Recently, climate change has been on the front page of basically every newspaper, and for good reason! Larger and deadlier hurricanes and cyclones are being caused by the simplest of fact, that is climate change. The areas around the Gulf and Mexico are some of the places that are being hit the hardest. With the […]

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